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Privacy at the Core

At iReside, we prioritize and safeguard the privacy of individuals using our self-reporting tool for proof of residence. Unlike traditional methods that may involve third-party access to sensitive data, iReside operates on a principle of direct user control.

No Third-Party Access

Your data is yours and yours alone. iReside is designed as a closed-loop system where individuals can generate their proof of residence without involving any third parties. This means that your information is not shared with external entities, ensuring that your privacy remains intact.

No Recording of Extraneous Locations

Rest assured, iReside is focused solely on validating and recording the declared residence address. The app does not record or store any other location details, reinforcing its commitment to privacy. Your personal and daily activities remain confidential, with no unnecessary intrusion.

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Download Anytime, Anywhere

Fast and Convenient

Forget about waiting for snail mail or manually gathering documents. iReside enables you to generate your Proof of Address certificate within minutes.

Secure and Accurate

Our AI-driven system ensures the highest level of accuracy and security, making sure your proof of address is reliable for employers and institutions.

Paperless Verification

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of document verification. With iReside, everything is digital, reducing the need for physical documents.


Our app is designed with simplicity in mind. You don't need to be tech-savvy to navigate through the process easily.

How iReside Works

1. Download and Register: Start by downloading the iReside app on your Android device. Register and create your secure account. Identify your residence on the map

2. Capture Proof: Simply take a photo of your residence & locality along with your lease agreement, utility bill, or any other relevant documents. iReside will process this data using AI and Big Data technology.

3. Generate Certificate: Once your documents are processed, iReside will generate a secure Proof of Address certificate that can be easily shared with prospective employers or other entities.

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